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(멕시코시티=연합뉴스) 국기헌 특

(멕시코시티=연합뉴스) 국기헌 특파원 = 카리브 해에서 표류하던 자메이카 국적의 선원 송고 (멕시코시티=연합뉴스) 국기헌 특파원 = 카리브 해에서 표류하던 자메이카 국적의 선원 송고

탈북민 “행사용 造花일 뿐…특정 꽃 형상화하지 않아”北, 김대중 대통령·정주영 회장 장례 때 김일성화ㆍ김정일화 장식 弔花 보내

Metro Train at InnoTrans 2018(BERLIN, Sept. 19, 2018 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, the company), 서울출장샵 the world’s largest rolling stock manufacturer, debuted 서산출장샵 their latest, carbon fiber metro train, ‘CETROVO’, to crowds of industry leaders, 시흥출장샵 railway enthusiasts and media in Berlin today. The new train is 13% lighter than traditional steel or aluminium metro trains, making it the company’s lightest and most energy-efficient to-date and the first of its kind in China. The new vehicle also has the future in mind with a range of “intelligent” design features including “magic windows’ and touch-screen enabled mirrors 계룡출장샵 for a digital age of passenger travel.

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