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12 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Geeks

For some, planning the perfect Halloween costume can take a lot of time and effort  – sometimes weeks or even months of meticulous crafting. Of course, for every dedicated cosplay enthusiast who will wow us with a killer costume this year, there are at least two of us who have been too busy to figure out which mask to don for our respective Halloween parties. To help out all those last minute geeky partygoers, we have assembled a list of Halloween costume ideas that just might help you pull something together before the main event. It may not be fancy, but it will get the job done and as legendary horror punk band The Misfits said in their classic song Halloween, “This day, anything goes.” Here are a dozen costume inspiration ideas based upon some of our most favourite geeky things!

1) Inspiration: The Walking Dead

zombiesZombie makeup is easy if you have a few basic items (and watch a tutorial on YouTube). To create a gory undead effect like we see in The Walking dead a bruise kit, liquid latex and fake blood should do the trick. Use the liquid latex to create gory effects, the bruise kit to look as dead and sallow as possible and add lots of blood to drive home the point that you now hunger for the flesh of the living. And if you can get your hands on an appropriate sheriff’s hat, make sure to do Rick and Carl Grimes proud.

2) Inspiration: Saved By The Bell

zack morris and a.c. slaterChoose from Zach Morris, Jessie Spano, Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski, AC Slater, Tori Scott or Samuel “Screech” Powers. The gang at Bayside High were normal high school kids dressed like everyone else in the early 90’s so a trip to your local thrift shop (and a lot of hairspray) should be enough to pull off a great SBTB inspired costume. Extra credit if your Zack Morris costume includes the prehistoric cell phone he used in the show.

3) Inspiration: Star Wars

three jedisThe best part about a Star Wars costume is that you get to pick a side. Are you Jedi or Sith? If you are a Jedi find yourself a robe/cloak and make your own lightsaber or purchase an inexpensive toy version (maybe you already have one?). If you are destined for the dark side a dark cloak and make-up similar to Darth Maul or The Emperor should be relatively easy to copy with inexpensive Halloween makeup. Avoid our favourite non-human characters to save time and money. Sorry C-3PO.

4) Inspiration: Arrow
Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

If you love Arrow (who doesn’t love Arrow) a costume inspired by the show may be the ticket. A green hood, some dark clothing that somewhat resembles Oliver Queen’s ensemble in the show, a little face paint to camouflage your eyes and a makeshift bow/arrow/quiver should do the trick (Duct Tape can help with this). Female characters are not in short supply and should make a couples costume a cinch.

5) Inspiration: iZombie

cast of izombieLiv takes “fair skin” to an entirely new level. Provided you are not planning to go “full zombie” a Liv or Blaine costume should be pretty simple. Grab a white/blonde wig (trim it if you can’t find the right length), a lab coat, and white and black Halloween makeup to make yourself look like you’ve been infected. Creating your own can of Max Rager to bring to the party wins bonus points.

6) Inspiration: Doctor Who

doctor who doctorsForget The Daleks, The Ood and The Cybermen – you don’t have a TARDIS so time is of the essence! A Weeping Angel however may be possible in a pinch. You’ll need grey paint for your face, hair, body along with grey clothing and wings to match. The human companions and titular Time Lord are much easier in a rush and since every incarnation of the Doctor has a signature look – from Hartnell to Capaldi – this presents many options. If it’s in your budget, you may be able to purchase your very own replica Sonic Screwdriver at a toy store or comic book shop.

7) Inspiration: Gotham

cast of gothamMany costumes inspired by the Batman universe will be expensive and/or require time and effort to execute. Gotham however, predates the bat suit which means the caped crusader himself is not among the recommended costumes inspired by the show. Fish Mooney, Penguin, Selena Kyle (with her fantastic steampunk inspired look), James Gordon and Harvey Bullock would all be much easier to pull together if you are short on time.

8) Inspiration: Breaking Bad

walter white and jessie pinkmanWalter White and Jesse Pinkman are easily recognizable characters and thus very simple to cosplay. Jesse’s style of dress is readily available but you can upgrade to an A+ in Mr. White’s class if you smash up some blue lozenges and carry the shards around in a zip lock bag. On the other hand, sunglasses, the Heisenberg “pork pie” hat, and requisite Walter White facial hair will leave no doubt that you are the one who knocks.

9) Inspiration: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

power rangersDuct Tape comes in pretty much every colour of the rainbow so choose your favourite ranger and find the tape to match. To morph into a power ranger you will need a full hockey helmet with a visor, enough tape to cover your entire body (white tape for trim and faux boots), and clothing that somewhat resembles the look of the ranger uniform. Cover your clothing with the tape (you might want to ask a friend to help with this part), add accents where required and don’t forget to cover the helmet too!

10) Inspiration: Nintendo

Nintendo has given us an entire universe of characters and costume ideas. Zelda’s perpetual savior Link is an easy costume with spirit gum and pointed ears available at most costume shops. Mario and Luigi are also fairly simple if you have the time to pull together a hat, some puffy gloves and a killer stache. Duct Tape can be your friend here as well – for example, create a sword for Link out of cardboard and cover it with tape or create a hat for a Mario or Toadstool costume.

11) Inspiration: Repo! The Genetic Opera

partygoersHorror fans may be more interested in something a little darker and Repo offers some pretty dark and gory stuff to work with. Pavi Rotti (recreate his prosthetic face with makeup),Blind Mag, Amber Sweet, The Repo Man and of course everyone’s favourite Gravedigger are all fantastic costume ideas. One of the easiest costumes inspired by Repo is the Gentern. A short white dress and red see-through plastic (cut to the right specifications, with string or ribbon attached to tie it on) will achieve the desired look.

12) Inspiration: Back To The Future

back to the futureMarty McFly himself isn’t too difficult as long as you can find a denim jacket, vest and the right pair of sneakers. Doc is also fairly easy – a lab coat and some crazy scientist “finger-in-an-electrical-outlet” hair should be enough to have everyone asking where you’ve parked your DeLorean.

Do you have other geek-inspired costume ideas?  What are you dressing up as this Hallow’s Eve? Make sure to let us know in the spooky comments section below and have a great Halloween!

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