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AMC’s Preacher Trailer Breakdown

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Texas Is Looking Pretty Good – The Geeko On AMC’s Preacher 

Now that the proverbial Texas “dust” has settled after AMC’s teaser trailer was released for the much anticipated Preacher comic-to-screen adaptation, fans resume the long wait for the series debut next year. With a run time of just over one minute the trailer did not reveal too much, but it did give us a few clues as to what we might expect from the upcoming televised version of the Garth Ennis magnum opus.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been talking about Preacher for some time and we knew that AMC was going to pick up the series in a much appreciated attempt to fill the void between seasons of the network’s other popular comic book adaptation, The Walking Dead. AMC has done well with The Walking Dead and just like Preacher, I read the comics prior to seeing the show. I was initially critical of the changes made from comic to screen when The Walking Dead was first released but was quickly won over by the stellar acting, near-perfect sets, epic make-up and spot-on ambiance.  These elements have truly captured the essence of the source material and I am really hoping that Preacher will follow suit.

The Preacher trailer reveals a few stylistic similarities to AMC’s first comic book adaptation – starting with the title (a telling image of an upside-down church) that somewhat resembles the style that has been used during the opening sequence of The Walking Dead.  Not unlike The Walking Dead, Preacher also appears to be full of the requisite violence any reader/fan would expect and the sets appear to be populated with a minimalism in keeping with the vision of comic book artists Steve Dillon and Glen Fabry.

Dominic Cooper as Jesse CusterProfound, offensive, thought-provoking, hilarious and at times, completely insane; fans expect a lot of anyone brave enough to tackle all nine volumes of Preacher. A few deviations were visible in the trailer such as Jesse Custer – originally drawn with a legendary jheri curl – appearing with a much better haircut. Dominic Cooper will be playing the title character while sporting a more modern coif. Jesse’s love interest Tulip O’Hare, played by Ruth Negga, was originally a blonde and is now a brunette. Conversely, the ever-amusing Irish vampire Cassidy seems well-matched to his counterpart in ink. Regardless of a few minor changes in the appearance of the major players, the attitudes and personalities (albeit very briefly demonstrated) look very promising. Jesse himself seems to be the same righteously indignant inquisitor who fast becomes a hero in a godless world.

One of Preacher’s many charms (apart from the brilliant dialogue) is the various character stories found within the text.  While the trailer did not include every character we would expect to see on screen – IMDB does indicate that we can expect to see Arseface during season one.  We can hope that the Saint of Killers will also be introduced.

The comics are an elegant cocktail made of equal parts vulgarity and sincerity and a mere 80 second trailer cannot possibly reveal if this will be the case with the television adaptation.  Given the action packed into those precious seconds however, our hopes remain high.  To quote JC himself: “Is that what you want kid?” I can only reply, you’re damn right it is! Check out the trailer below.

AMC’s Preacher hits screens in 2016.

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