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Artist Series – Andrew Sebastian Kwan

Jungle Huntess

Toronto Comicon gave us celebrities, cosplay, good times and a whole lot of Funko Pops.  It also gave us the chance to experience the work of some great local artists.  Their home base?  Artists Alley.  For the next few weeks we will be bringing you some stand-outs in the plethora of pen, pencil, brush or other strokes.  Who these artists are, what their style is, what inspires them, and more.  Welcome to Part 1 of our Toronto Comicon Artist series.  Artists, meet the Geekos.  Geekos, meet…


Toronto, Canada


Who/What Inspires You?
I don’t really have one thing in particular that I’m inspired by. I can be inspired by everything. From comics, movies, a random object lit by light in a weird way, books, music, photography, you name it. But a few artists that always get me excited and motivated to work are Adam Hughes, Sean Gordon Murphy, Bruce Timm, Otto Schmidt, Kris Anka and Ilya Kuvchinov aka KR0NPR1NZ.


Describe Your Style
It’s hard to sum up my style because it’s the way I think things should look. It’s somewhere between the detailed traditional illustration and the clean streamlined look of animation. Animated reality is suppose.


Favorite Piece in Your Portfolio
It’s hard to nail down a favourite of my own. Right now, I think it’s my “Stand Alone Complex” piece. I’m really satisfied with the simplicity of the layout and design. Ghost in the Shell is my favourite anime so I definitely had a blast drawing it.


Favorite Character to Draw
My “favourite” character to draw can change almost day-to-day, but right now I find Daredevil fun to draw. I also like drawing Deadpool because you can do so many different things with the character.


Where Can We Find You Next?
I don’t have any more conventions scheduled for the rest of the year but you can always catch me on Facebook and Instagram @the.AndrewKwan as I post my daily sketch series, so drop on by!


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