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Artist Series – Brian Hoang

Brian Hoang Wolverine Image

Toronto Comicon gave us celebrities, cosplay, good times and a whole lot of Funko Pops.  It also gave us the chance to experience the work of some great local artists.  Their home base?  Artists Alley.  For the next few weeks we will be bringing you some stand-outs in the plethora of pen, pencil, brush or other strokes.  Who these artists are, what their style is, what inspires them, and more.  This is Part 2 of our Toronto Comicon Artist series.  Artists, meet the Geekos.  Geekos, meet…


Toronto, Canada


Who/What Inspires You?
Depending on the illustration, I have a lot of influences I draw from. I really like the look of old images from posters and advertisements from the early part of the 20th century. Most of my teenage years were spent mimicking the styles of my favourite comic book artists so some of that has stuck in my work. I also enjoy looking at fashion illustration and some of the more conceptual and illustrative comic book covers of the past 10 or 15 years. Some artists that have definitely inspired and influenced me are Drew Struzan, Adam Hughes, Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Adi Granov and James Jean just to name a few.


Describe Your Style
As mentioned above, I am a big fan of old, vintage looking illustrations but also grew up reading comic books so I sort of combine the two styles together. I use traditional pencil, ink and a little watercolour when the piece calls for it and then finish the colours digitally. Though I do use a computer in part of my work, I try hard not to lose too much of the drawing and inks underneath the colours.


Favorite Piece in Your Portfolio
My favourite piece of my own is probably my interpretation of Sailor Moon. I’ve always wanted to do a Sailor Moon illustration and after running a few possibilities through my head, the idea to base it on old Japanese art prints seemed the most suitable. It’s one of my pieces that took the most time to do mainly because of all the referencing I did, working out the composition and making it look like an old piece of Japanese art but still in my style. For the most part, it turned out how I pictured it in my head and it was very satisfying to work on.


Favorite Character to Draw
I don’t really have a favourite character I like to draw. For quick sketches, I like drawing Batman because I like the shadows that his mask can cast when lit from above but other than that, there aren’t many characters that I draw over and over again.


Where Can We Find You Next?
I will be set up at the following conventions:
  • Ottawa Comic Con May 8-10
  • Niagara Falls Comic Con June 5-7
  • Montreal Comic Con July 3-5
  • Toronto FanExpo Canada September 3-6
  • Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo September 25-27


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