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Axe In Face 2 Review

axe in face title screen showing a viking throwing an axe

Hey everyone. Brad here from Shiny Talisman Inc., back with another review. My goal, since i’m always checking what’s new on the App Store, is to let you know what’s worth a download. If you get ten minutes of fun from these guys then my job is done! Let’s get to it….

Last week’s stand out for me was a game called Axe In Face 2 by Hugo Games. The awesome name, the art style and my curiosity about the effectiveness of the game mechanic was enough to get me to hit download, and I’m glad I did. Axe In Face 2 is a pretty simple concept: You’re a viking and, like any good viking would, you want to protect your flowers. To do so, throw your axe at anyone who might step on them (perfectly reasonable reaction for a viking IMO). To throw your axe all you need to do is trace the path with your finger that you want it to take. Physics doesn’t apply here so your throw can be as straight or as wild as you need.  Sometimes you’ll have to zig-zag for a beard-o and sometimes a quick loop-back is required to catch a shielded viking from behind. This game mechanic is interesting, it works and it’s fun.

Axe in face screen shot

When I first started playing the game it seemed a bit easy and I wasn’t sure how Hugo Games would fill things out. Fortunately, they’ve done a great job of incorporating the finer points of the mechanic with a well laid out tutorial that will ease you into the difficulty. I like the fact that I can’t get all three chests on every level. I also like that occasionally, I outright lose a level after a couple poor throws. Really? Who would throw an axe like that? My viking skills are lacking. You want to hit as many enemy vikings as possible in one throw to get a score multiplier. The higher your score the more chests you get at the end of the level. More chests equals more gold and more gold means more upgrades. Want that sweet new axe? You’re going to have to earn it – and don’t expect any mercy from the flower stompers. The baddies don’t stop advancing as you plan your axe path so you need to predict where they’ll be before you throw.

Different enemies have different ways in which they need to be approached. For example, vikings disguised as trees need to be hit by an axe that has been thrown through a conveniently located fire pit. Axe + Fire = Flaming Axe that burns Tree Vikings.  Others need to be hit twice because the first pass simply trims their beards (and these are some magnificent beards!).  As the variety of enemies increases so does the fun. I must admit that in a few desperate moments I found myself scribbling on the screen in panic – Axe in Face 2‘s equivalent to button mashing. It didn’t work, but it was very entertaining to watch the result.  Axe in Face 2 is a great 5 minute player and it will hold a place on my phone to pass some time again in the future. Do yourself a favour and take an axe to the face, asap.

axe in face screenshot

Axe in Face 2 is free to download with in-app purchases available and some advertisements.

Honourable mention last week goes to Fly O’Clock. A simple one-finger-tap game that will surely have you saying “One more try”.

Thanks for reading everyone.  Feel free to check out MY games too. Warp Looter was just rereleased with all new artwork. If you like spaceships… If you like shields… If you hate crashing… check it out. I’m Brad from Shiny Talisman Inc. Find me on twitter here and i’ll see you in about a week.

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