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Batman v Superman Official Teaser Trailer

Batman Armored Suit

Just a day after Zack Snyder took to twitter to announce the Batman v Superman IMAX special teaser screenings, along with the teasiest of teasers, he has followed up by tweeting the Official Batman v Superman Teaser.  Warner Bros. official YouTube channel released it shortly after. This one gives us more than just the suits folks.  Check it out below:


We get the Frank Milleresque costume shot from yesterday’s pre-teaser teaser again:

Bat Suit

Riddle me this:  Who left the question mark on the leftmost pillar?

Riddler Symbol

Frank Miller’s Batman, right off the page.  Couldn’t be more impressed with this:


And finally, an armored Batman toe-to-toe with Supes.

Batman v Superman Comic Strip

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.

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