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Crowfall MMO – What Is It All About?

After 30 days, Crowfall has become the 15th most successful video game ever funded through Kickstarter with a final total of $1,766,204 from 16,936 backers.  The Crowfall crew (ArtCraft Entertainment Inc.) crafted a campaign that engaged donors, introduced intriguing and valuable stretch goals, provided fans with high-res banners and wallpaper and entertaining/interesting videos.  For those of you who have been hiding out under that proverbial rock for the past month, here’s an overview of straight from crowfall.com.


Crowfall is a new type of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) brought to you by Gordon Walton (Executive Producer of Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies and Star Wars: the Old Republic) and J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director of Shadowbane, Wizard101 and Pirate101).  The Worlds of Crowfall feature unique maps, rules, and victory conditions. Every World is different, and players join teams (Factions, Guilds or Noble Houses) to vie for control of each World.  We call it a Throne War Simulator, and it’s different in three fundamental ways: Time, Destruction and Power.


Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds. Characters are persistent, but the Campaign Worlds are not. Players are Crows – Champions who travel from one world to the next, fighting an endless War of the Gods.

Each campaign world exists for a set duration – typically 1 to 3 months — or until some “win condition” is met. During that time, the World will cycle through a single in-game year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Through the course of the Campaign, the Worlds grow more sinister and deadly as the land is consumed by the Hunger – an unstoppable legion of the undead.

There are two types of Worlds in the Crowfall Universe: the Campaign Worlds, which produce materials (stone, iron and wood) and the Eternal Kingdoms, which are barren of resources — but last forever.


At the end of Winter, the Campaign ends. A victor is declared, the map is wiped and the World goes offline forever. The players – the Crows – then fly back to their Home Worlds, to either count their spoils or lick their wounds before they choose a new Campaign and fight again.


Everything Changes, and That Changes Everything.

The beginning of each Campaign is like the first round of “Civilization”: players are dropped blind and naked into a harsh environment filled with deadly monsters, haunted ruins, abandoned quarries… and the most dangerous predator of all, other players. Craft weapons, scavenge armor, secure a stronghold, forge alliances and conquer the World.

Our Campaign Worlds are procedurally generated — meaning that we use a technology library to automate the process of creating each World’s map.  Mountains, forests, rivers, castle ruins, abandoned villages – each World is different, which means the game of territorial conquest will be different in every Campaign.

The worlds are also made of voxels (like Minecraft, only much smaller) – which means the entire world is destructible.  We are harnessing VoxelFarm technology to generate an endless succession of unique and interesting Campaign Worlds for you to mine, shape, conquer and destroy.


If each Campaign is like a soccer match, the Eternal Kingdoms encompass the entire season!  Unlike the Campaigns, these World are permanent — and they are completely managed and owned by the players.

Players monarchs can divide up their domains into provinces, and grant those lands to other players as they see fit.  Benevolent Monarch or iron-fisted Tyrant, what kind of Kingdom will you rule?


Your kingdom is your seat of power and base of operations.  Kingdoms can be massive — with mountains and rivers, monster camps and ancient ruins.  But they are also devoid of resources: Stone, Metal and Wood.  For these, you have to go off-world and brace the Campaigns of the Dying Worlds.


Since each Campaign World is unique (and time-limited) we can change the rules of the game from one to the next!

What rules? Things like…

  • Which races can participate in this Campaign?
  • What is this Campaign’s duration?
  • How are the teams broken up? Is this a War of the Gods? Guild-versus-Guild? Free-for-All?
  • What resources can be scavenged? How abundant are they?
  • How harsh is the game of survival?What the rules for death and respawning? Do items decay on death? Can I loot other players?


In the Crowfall universe you are an immortal Champion of the Gods. Campaign Worlds come and go, but your heroes will live on — and continue to advance from one Campaign to the next.

Archetypes available in Crowfall

Multi-Classing System

Heroes are created using a deep Multi-Classing system, with Advantages and Disadvantages based on points.

Start with a base archetype (such as a Knight) and add advantages (such as “Eagle Eyes”, which increases archery skill) and disadvantages (such as “Poor health”, which decreases endurance — but frees up points to spend elsewhere.

Crowfall Multiclass System

From there, Classes can be promoted (from “Knight” to “Sentinel”, a heavily armored ranged warrior) and take up to three Disciplines, such as “Archery”, “Blacksmithing” and “Bounty Hunter.”

You can create and manage multiple characters and participate in multiple Campaigns at once — each with unique powers, skills and resources!

You can create and manage multiple heroes across multiple active campaigns and kingdoms, each with their own unique capabilities and resources. A hero for every occasion!

Roles and Customization

Each hero archetype represents a core role and play style. For instance, certain heroes will be extremely effective in combat situations while others excel at crafting and resource management.

Though each role is initially balanced for distinct uses, players will have multiple ways to customize their hero’s stats, appearance, abilities and gear.


As characters grow they can advance to one of many Promotion classes — and pick up to three Disciplines — to dramatically alter and enhance their skills and capabilities.”


For those who were turned on to the game late, ArtCraft Entertainment is still accepting pledged on their own website:  www.crowfall.com.  Also, check out their YouTube channel for dozens of awesome videos.

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