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Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2 Premiere

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A surprising bit of “gravy” to running TheGeeko.com has been the great people that we’ve met along the way. Like-minded people who share a passion for geeky goodness and are just good people to boot.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Geeks are the best people in the world.

A perfect example of this are the people behind Doctor Who: Dark Journey, the Canadian, award winning audiodrama written by (and starring) Andrew Chalmers and directed by MA Tamburro.  Dark Journey is an audiodrama about a recently regenerated and emotionally shattered Doctor on his last regeneration. He arrives in London and becomes the unexpected companion to Sherlock Holmes. The Doctor and Sherlock are initially teamed up by Scotland Yard in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror.  Series 1 of the audiodrama gained a following of fans who needed their fix of The Doctor and/or Sherlock and earned the respect of those fans by delivering a polished, 5 episode series that is sure to satisfy any Whovian.  Check out our Series 1 interview with Director MA Tamburro here.

If you haven’t listened to Series 1, get to it.  If you have, rejoice, because Series 2 officially launches today!  You can find Episode 1 with our friends over at the Gallifrey Stands Podcast.  Listen and love it fellow Whovians.  Then, join us right here next Saturday June 20 as TheGeeko.com exclusively presents Episode 2 of  Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2 – The Case of the Poisoned Sky.  We’re so happy to be part of the internet’s #1 downloaded fan audio production.

What can we expect from Series 2?  Why speculate when we can hear it straight from the source.  I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Tamburro again and was fortunate enough to be joined by The Doctor (and writer) himself.  The rapport between these two is unquestionable, which is probably why The Dark Journey just works.  Our interview with the boys:

Welcome back MA and thanks so much for joining us this time Doctor…I mean Andrew.  Let’s get to it.  Tell me about Dr Who Dark Journey, Series 2!

Tamburro: Series two picks up right were we left off in series one with The Doctor left for dead bleeding out onto the dirty cobblestone of Baker Street. The way that his ‘death’ is resolved is rather surprising and there is a special audio treat for fans of the televised version of Doctor Who. (Andrew keeps telling me there is a televised version, must be a Dark Journey Expanded Universe thing) Right away Sherlock Holmes and his companion The Doctor are back in action hunting down the deadly Illuminatos, desperately looking for the baby they stole from Emily.

How does Series 2 differentiate itself from Series 1?

Chalmers: Series 2 is our bands ‘second album’ if you will, right Tbone?
Tamburo: Yeah, Chalmy. Where as series one was a fantastic first go at things, this time we turn the volume up to 11 so to speak.
Chalmers: 11? is that a Spinal Tap reference?
Tamburro: Yeah.
Chalmers: Well it will be better than that mate.
Tamburro: What do you mean, Spinal Tap is rock’n? But seriously, we’ve brought in a massive team of amazing sound designers including Joshua Hemming, Kevin Gray, Adam Silcox, Levi Considine and Ben Barton who have all put their own unique stamp on their individual episodes.
Chalmers: Whereas series was acoustic, series two is a symphony !
Tamburro: In addition to the new diverse and layered sound of Dark Journey we’ve teamed up with some of the best fan artists from around the globe to illustrate the series on album covers, posters, and in comics.

I’m glad you brought that up because this coming Wednesday June 17 we will be continuing our Artist Series at TheGeeko and featuring some of those very fan artists.  It is a special Dark Journey Artist Series and we’re looking forward to it quite a bit.

Are there any new cast members?

Chalmers: We have the classically trained Paul Thomas Manz who has performed Shakespeare across Canada playing the treacherous and conflicted Benedict Waters as well as a number of rather hilarious other roles. Additionally our returning actor, man of 1000 voices Rikki Wright has stepped things up this series by playing Inspector Gull, Dr. Watson, The Beast, Demons, Ghosts, Daleks and Davros!

You’re working with a few geeky partners to launch the series.  Can you tell the Geekos out there about how they can listen to the audio drama while discovering some great websites and podcasts at the same time?

Tamburro: Our distribution method for this series has benefited from all the amazing fan engagement Dark Journey has enjoyed online. While we’re still publishing to itunes and our site we’ve also teamed with the Internets best fandom podcasts for a special treat. Select podcasts will be airing the exclusive first listen to episodes on their shows every Saturday in June and July. Consider it your Doctor Who Summer of Fandom!

And on that note I would just like to mention how pumped we are here at TheGeeko to be part of that fandom and to let people know that next Saturday, June 20 TheGeeko.com exclusively presents Episode 2 of  Doctor Who: Dark Journey Series 2 – The Case of the Poisoned Sky. So, come on back next week folks!

OK, let’s get serious here guys.  If Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor sat down to a game of chess, who would win?

Chalmers: The Doctor would let Holmes win because victory isn’t as important to him. Now the Physic Chess Players of Zuis 2, where defeat means the loss of your soul…

What is are your favourite lines in Dark Journey?

Chalmers: It’s not something I get asked very often in interviews, so thank you for that. I would have to say it’s the line at the end of Legend of the Beast where the Doctor rather ferociously challenges the sinister Cassandra and her demon followers and shouts at them from an under attack hot air balloon: “You tell ’em I’m coming for ’em. I’m coming for all of them! Go and tell them now!”
Not only is is a great cliffhanger but shows a side of the Doctor that we’ve never heard before. It was really fun to act it out and play with in the studio. I think that line really puts the dark into Dark Journey.
If I was going to pick a contrasting funny line it would be my ‘surfer dude’ reading of my Doctor giving advice to baby Anthony during his rescue in The Age of Banishment in response to Cassandra saying ‘I am the whore of the apocalypse.” To which the Doctor replies ‘Not the kind of girl you take home to mum, eh baldy. Party chick.”

Head over to the Gallifrey Stands Podcast for the exclusive first listen to Doctor Who: Dark Journey – Episode 1 or to AM Audio Media to catch up on every episode from Series 1.  Gallifrey stands!

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