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Doctor Who Funko Pop Exclusive Pre-Release Giveaway

We’re kicking Doctor Who Month off with a bang with TheGeeko.com‘s biggest giveaway yet. Are you a massive Whovian? Are you a Funko Pop collector?  Both? You’ve come to the right place. Enter here for your chance to win 3 extremely rare Hot Topic Exclusive Pre-Release Funko Pops! Retweet this tweet for additional entries. Take these three exclusive beauties home…pre-release. TheGeekos got ’em early and they can be yours. Geronimo!

Click here to enter!

1) The 10th Doctor


2) Dalek


3) Weeping Angel


Click here to enter!

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3 Responses

  1. Dontblink

    Thanks for the contest, I really wish I would win this! The weeping angel is one of my favorite characters for some reason

  2. I really want this!! 10th Doctor is my favorite and a toy of him is really lovely!. The weeping angel and the Dalek always scares me, but in toys look really cute!. I really hope/wish win this, it’s “Fantastic”.

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