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Doctor Who Month Wrap-Up

As we wind down Doctor Who Month here at The Geeko a slight feeling of loss has come over us.  “Why can’t every month be Doctor Who Month?”, we’re sure you’re asking yourselves.  We did the same (But I don’t want to go…).  Well Geekos, we have some good news.  It can!  Make sure you stay tuned to TheGeeko.com for all your Doctor Who news, articles and giveaways, among all the other geeky goodness that we love to talk about here.  Do you love comics?  We’ve got ’em.  Anime?  Yup.  Geek-tastic Movies?  TV?  Collectibles? They’re what we do (and love)!  For now, here’s a quick recap of some of the fun we had in June:

As a send off, we’d like to offer one final Doctor Who Month giveaway.  This one comes courtesy of our friends at Blue Box BalmA Balmery Inspired by Geekery!  They put together a fantastic prize pack that includes 10 exciting Blue Box Balm Doctor Who Inspired Products!  Just for you, Geekos!  Scroll down for details on how you can enter to win this awesome bundle:

1. 10th Doctor Balm Buddy (carry your lip balm with you everywhere)
 Geek Stix (Lip Balms)..
2. Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor – Meta 10 – Vanilla / Rose
3. 8th Doctor – Doctor’s Kiss – Wine & Chocolate
4. 11th Doctor – Geronimo – BubbleGum
5. Rose Tyler – Bad Wolf – Rose & Chocolate
6. Martha Jones – Butterfly – Violet & Champagne
7. Doctor’s Daughter – Jenny – Black Licorice & Whipped Cream
8. Daleks – Exterminate! – Skaro Slime
 More Blue Box Balm Goodies..
9. Cyber Scrub – Cyber Chocolate (sugar lip scrub)
10. Geek Scent – Hello Sweetie – A Sophisticated Cotton Candy Scent
Blue Box Balm Giveaway
To enter to win this great prize pack courtesy of Blue Box Balm, jump on Twitter.  Just follow TheGeeko.com @TheTrueGeeko, and Blue Box Balm @BlueBoxBalm and retweet this tweet.  Doing each one of these things will get you an entry and increase your chances to win!  Allons-y!
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