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Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer

doctor who and clara outside the Tardis

Everyones favourite time traveling rebel returns to television this September and as an unexpected treat, BBC America released an official trailer for series 9 today, presumably to tie into the Comic Con hype. With the ninth series still taping, details have been more secretive than the name of the Doctor himself but The Geeko has the index file on what’s next for the mad man with a box. Check out the trailer followed by our series 9 breakdown.

Here’s what we know about Who, Series 9:

The show will return with a full slate of 12 episodes, many of which will be two partners. There are also more ‘mini’ story arcs, so fans of the Doctor Who long game style of story telling, as has been done with the ‘impossible girl’ story lines could be in for a treat, or a cyber lobotomy depending on your taste. Despite rumors of the impossible girls departure, Jenna Coleman is indeed returning as the Doctor’s companion. Peter Capaldi is back in the title character and returning producer Steven Moffat is still at the helm (or is that console) of the show, now in its 51st year of existence.

Returning villains include Missy played by Michelle Gomez and the Tom Baker era bubble wrap baddies The Zygons who were last seen in the 50th anniversary story The Day of the Doctor.

Other returning characters include the head of UNIT Kate Stewart played by Jemma Redgrave, UNIT scientist and Doctor superfan Osgood (presumably not dead anymore) played by Ingrid Oliver, Rigsy, last seen in Flatline and played by Joivian Wade as well as Game of Thrones star and Doctor Who new-comer Maisie Williams in an unspecified role.

That’s the Whovian wrap up for new Who on telly, but if you can’t wait that long for the iconic British series to return check out the award winning Canadian produced Doctor Who Dark Journey fan audio drama, exclusively right here on TheGeeko.com.

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