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Doritos and Batman V Superman Team Up

batman v superman logo with a bag of doritos

The “which hero would win in a fight” debate has been a long standing tradition in the geek community and Batman V Superman, set to release in March 25, 2016 has set the stage for an epic battle between two DC Comics heavyweights. Fans can’t wait.

It seems that even Doritos wants in on the action.  A Batman V Superman website was just launched by Doritos and gives fans the opportunity to settle the debate once and for all while entering to win a ton of awesome prizes.  By voting for Batman you’ll be entered into technology-based giveaways, like an iPad or a TV.  By voting for Superman you’ll be entered into experience-based giveaways, like bungee jumping or zip lining.

Check it out here at https://www.doritosbatmanvssuperman.com.

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