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Echo Kellum Interview, Part 4: Gaming & Olicity

Echo Kellum

Echo Kellum Interview, Part 4: Gaming & Olicity

So, you’re a gamer – You enjoy the videogames.

ECHO KELLUM:  Asbolutely.

To get another geeky question in here: If we looked in your console right now…what game is in your console?

ECHO KELLUM:  Oh man, let’s see.  I’m actually right in front of my x-box.  Let me see what’s in there.  Of course, Witcher 3.  Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  It’s been there a lot.  I was playing Destiny so much and I was so thankful Witcher 3 came out because Destiny is like a drug that you just can’t…Every free moment I got I was popping in Destiny so I’m so thankful Witcher 3 has come in my life right now.

And what game have you clocked the most hours on, total, do you think?

ECHO KELLUM:  I’ve probably put 600 hours on Destiny.  I’ve probably put 180 on Witcher 3.  Let me see what else I’ve got right here.  Oh yeah, Batman.  I haven’t really jumped into Batman but definitely…I love Shadow of Mordor; I’ve been playing that again.  I’ve probably put in about 25 on that.  And its crazy because I’m an extremely busy person!  I’ll just sit at home at night whenever I have free time or I’ll wake up a couple of hours early to play.  I should be getting more sleep!

I was going to ask, when do you sleep?

ECHO KELLUM:  I know!  It’s so true.  I honestly do have to wake up super early before the kids and the girl wake up and I’m like “oh my god, I have to get a little bit of video game time in before they get up and demand me!”  After all these months its just always…find a little time.  I think I’m done with Destiny for good.  It’s just too much, and I was so into it.

Speaking as someone as someone who’s into it right now, I couldn’t agree more.

ECHO KELLUM:  I’m very excited for Metal Gear 5 to come out in September.  That’s going to be my next hot joint for sure.

So you’re a fan of the whole series?

ECHO KELLUM:  I think its some of the best storytelling in a video game series of all time.  Hideo Kojima is just…I mean, he’s brilliant.  The stories he tells, the way it connects with military, government and the patriot, its just so exhillerating.  I just love all of that.  And then obviously Final Fantasy, I love all those.  I think Metal Gear is the thing I’m most excited for…But then Fallout!  The new Fallout that’s coming out too, I’m definitely going to love that.  I’ve been playing Fallout The Vault (Shelter) on the iPhone just to get a little taste of the world.

Nice.  I have one last very important question and this may make or break your future on Arrow.  It’s very serious.


Ready for this?


Echo Kellum, do you ship Olicity?

ECHO KELLUM:  Absolutely.  100% man, I ship Olicity!  Let’s go Olicity!  Heck yeah!

Thanks so much for this. Echo, this has been great.  I can just tell, we’ve been talking for what, 20 minutes?  The fans are gonna love you.  You’re  one of us.

ECHO KELLUM:  Thanks man, I really appreciate that.

Right here from TheGeeko.com:  Echo Kellum.  Watch him next season, season 4 on Arrow.  Thank you very much.

ECHO KELLUM:  Thank you very much.

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Pre-order your copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain here, or click any of the game titles in the interview above if they’re more your speed.  We’d like to thank Echo Kellum again for taking the time to chat with us.  It’s been a blast, Mr. Terrific.

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    He’s sooooo nice and he love the fandom! I can’t wait until October to come so he can hang out with Felicity and Diggle!

  2. Bloodbathandbeyond

    Echo is a serious gamer! awesome to hear what goes on behind the scenes. He sounds like a chill normal guy.

    You should interview Constantine next. Want to hear about S04E05

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