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Face Off Season 10 Episode 2: Child’s Play

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Fresh off of their first challenge, Face Off Season 10 Episode 2 had the artists meet at Culver Studios where films like Gone with the Wind and E.T. were shot.  They found resident judge Ve Neill and McKenzie waiting for them on a soundstage filled with giant toys.  Their Spotlight Challenge this time was to create a wacky, larger-than-life character inspired by the toys.  They had to think Toy Story, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and go with a magical feel for their designs.  Ve, who won an Emmy for her work on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, told them to think outside of the box and channel their inner child.  She wanted colourful instead of a darker whimsical look.

The artists were randomly teamed up, and after they chose their inspiration toys, got straight to work.  The best surprise came on the reveal stage, where Paul Reubens, Mr. Pee Wee Herman himself, joined the judges to choose the winner!  I have to say that I loved that show, especially Pteri the Pterodactyl.  It was zany, completely original and created a pop culture icon before we knew it.

Walter and Ant picked the race car.  They wanted to create a cool, female car/human hybrid.  Instead of a facial prosthetic, Ant was confident he could create a compelling beauty makeup for the character that Mr. Westmore stressed had to be great.  The guys worked hard on making a smooth cowl, but the mold looked like “Swiss cheese”, so they spent a lot of time patching the holes, as well as some thick seams.  The judges weren’t thrilled with the lack of facial prosthetics, but the guys ended up safe.  Katie and Kaleb did a character based on a skeleton key.  She was a ballerina that unlocked creativity and love.  Mr. Westmore told them to make the design look more like a key, and Katie created a chest piece to do that.  It was a pretty makeup, but they worried that it wasn’t on challenge.  Paul thought it was an artistic idea that got lost in the execution, and the judges didn’t like the muddy colours.  Luckily, this team was also safe.

Anna and Mel created a watchman who literally was a watch.  He alerted the toys when kids were coming back.  They had trouble with the concept, and Mel was really frustrated, but after chat with Mr. Westmore, they knew they were on the right track.  They were told to keep the face flesh-toned and not muddy, and Anna created a cool watchband cowl.  They worked out a plan for the face paint, layering and speckling colours for a rosy look.  Paul thought the final look was beautiful and that the model sold the look, and the judges loved the character, especially the work on the paint job.  They were in top looks.

Njoroge and Jennifer decided on a yellow crayon.  They had to make sure the character wasn’t too human looking.  They worked well together, and made some curly hair from crayon paper.  Unfortunately, the makeup didn’t turn out as well as they wanted.  The paint wasn’t opaque enough, and the colour had no dimension to it.  There was also a big issue with the neck peeling.  Although Paul liked the character’s eyebrows, the judges thought it was incomplete and visually uninteresting.  They were in bottom looks.

Melissa was the winner from last week, and so got to choose her group.  She went with Johnny and Rob, and they picked a lollipop.  Their character was a lollipop king who helped a boy run his father’s candy shop.  This team really worked well together, and the division of labour, from Johnny’s fabricated vest to Rob’s molds and everyone getting into the paint job, worked out quite well.  The judges loved the colour palette and headpiece.  Because they kept the character child-like yet still sophisticated, they were in top looks.

Robert and Yvonne picked dice, and went with a game board man.  They made a game piece for the top of his head, and fashioned a clown-like appearance for him.  Mr. Westmore suggested exaggerated features, and Yvonne adjusted the nose to look bigger, but the team work wasn’t really there.  The end result was a rough-looking scary clown dude, with nipple-like game pieces on his body that freaked Paul out a little.  They were in bottom looks.

Njoroge and Jennifer created the bottom look this week, and Jennifer went home.  The judges thought the cowl was disproportionate.  She learned a lot from her short time on the show and was inspired to carry on with makeup.  Can’t wait for next week!

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