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Face Off Season 10 Episode 3: Lost Languages

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This week’s Spotlight Challenge was really great!  Face Off Season 10 Episode 3 had the gang meet at a hillside ruin, complete with ancient looking statues flanking the entrance.  Once again in teams of two, they would have to create a member from a long-lost race from one of six sets of artifacts found in the ruins.  The major factor would be to use a custom language created by language expert David Peterson, who created Dothraki from Game of Thrones, as well as languages for the shows Dominion and Defiance.  He created phonetic clues for each language in the challenge, and wanted to see them in the characters.  He would also be on the reveal stage to see if the makeups held up to their languages.

Kaleb and Mel picked a headpiece with snakes on it.  Their language involved lots of inhaling and exhaling, so they devised a bladder and breathing mechanism for their Snake Elder.  Mel sculpted the ears and hated them.  She waited until Mr. Westmore came around for his verdict, and he loved not only the ears, but the whole concept.  After that vote of confidence, they went full steam ahead and got to the mold room quickly.  They created a bladder with a tubing and a pump which worked well with the neck appliance.  I loved this makeup!  The face and whole costuming made it a complete character.  The judges loved the paint and bladder idea, and Glenn liked that it was the embodiment of the language, and that they made superb choices that shouldn’t have worked but did. David ignored the fact that the fangs would make speaking the language impossible because the look was so cohesive.  They were in top looks.

Walter and Rob had a lot of “K” sounds in their language.  they used their artifact to create a Nordic, feline warrior that battled wolves and wore their pelts.  They created a wolf skull headdress.  They were told that they needed a magnificent paint job to pull this off.  The guys went to work on casting Walter’s feet for a lion-like foot prosthetic.  Walter ended up painting the wolf head because he had no time to add hair like Mr. Westmore suggested.  their makeup turned out really well.  I liked the look, but the judges felt that the cowl wolf head and the quality of the face differed.  David thought he lips worked well with the language.  They were safe.

Robert and Johnny’s artifact had an octopus on it, so naturally, they went for an “Octo-man”, in Robert’s words.  The language was aggressive with clicks, so they also decided to go for a beak.  Mr. Westmore told them to be careful of the beak and paint.  They ran into trouble with the cowl mold because it was too heavy, so they used popsicle sticks to hold it up.  It came out well in the end, but their tentacle fabrication didn’t work out, so they had to scrap them.  The guys had different ideas about the makeup, and it showed.  The cowl and face weren’t cohesive, and the judges felt the face was muddy and looked inflamed. David said the beak prevented some sounds from the language. They also thought the squid was too literal.  They were in the bottom looks.

Yvonne and Anna’s language was fast and stern.  Their character was a tribe member who found a headdress in a cave, and became a powerful evil god after he put it on.  Mr. Westmore warned them against a caricature of an old man, so they took that advice.  Yvonne worked on the cowl, creating an intricate bejeweled look with a notched popsicle stick, and painted it black and gold.  The artists worked well together, and their final look was really beautiful.  It matched the language and the judges were wowed by the cowl.  This look put them in top looks.

Melissa and Kate created a Mother of Death from their language because it had a prayer-like cadence.  She had a facial anomaly that made her beautiful and terrifying.  The artifact was a winged figure, so the incorporated them on the character by creating wings on her back with scarifications and on a headdress.  Mr. Westmore thought it was a unique idea.  They worked well together, and Melissa did a great job with the scarification wings using alcohol paint to blend the edges of the prosthetics.  The judges thought the helmet was cool and the makeup was nice up close.  They were safe this week.

Njoroge and Ant got a sibilant language and they felt it was reptilian sounding.  They wanted a futuristic yet ancient creature with big eyes and ears.  Mr. Westmore was concerned with the concept and told them it may come out too cartoony.  They needed to give the design some thought.  Njoroge was freaked and knew there was no room for error.  The eyes were changed to a large almond shape, and Ant did the cowl.  He was concerned that the colours were too bright in the paint job, and toned them down.  The final look was a creature with a large head too bright paint.  The judges weren’t pleased.  they thought it looked rough, masky and too big.  The paint was too flat, thee details were confusing, and a good paint job could have saved the look.  They guys were in bottom looks.

The bottom team was Njoroge and Ant.  They thought the green Halloween mask was rough.  Ant went home because of his cowl.  The judges saw how passionate Ant was, and he was proud that he took risks.  He was fueled up to continue his journey as a makeup artist.  At the very least, he made it to the show, where I’m sure he learned a ton from the experience!

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