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Face Off Season 10 Episode 6: Death’s Doorstep

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In Face Off Season 10 Episode 6, the artists met at a massive printing press where they had newspapers with obituaries waiting for them.  In the same vein as Beetlejuice, their challenge was to reflect the way their character died in a whimsical makeup.  They would pick a number and match it up with the corresponding obituary and description of death in order to get their literal ghost.

Kaleb’s ghost was called Finn Waters.  He died under “fishy circumstances” and would forever be haunted by a giant fish.  Mr. Westmore advised him to add gills to the fish on the character’s head so it wouldn’t look like a hat.  After the mold, he realized the cowl was too heavy, and when he removed some foam, took a chunk out of the appliance.  It turned out ok, but he had to adjust his paint so the model wouldn’t look like a smurf.  The judges thought the character was wearing an elf hat instead of a fish.  They thought it could have been better technically even thought they liked the concept.  He was in bottom looks.

Walter created a clown called Seymour Sharp who was impaled by the very knives he was juggling.  Walter wanted to include a bowling ball as one of the items that fell on the clown, but Mr. Westmore told him to keep it simple and stick to knives.  Melissa’s Suzanne Stitches fell on her pin cushion.  She created pins out of armature wire and had a great paint job.  Robert’s ghost Thomas Watts was electrocuted in the bathtub.  He created a veiny forehead and a cute rubber ducky.  The judges thought the character should have looked a bit more wet to convey the story, but they liked the duck.  Anna’s Rose Mary died in a kitchen explosion covered in pasta. She painted the hair to have a singed look and even thought the character lacked a story and colour, she, along with the others, was safe.

Johnny’s makeup was called Sarah N. Geti, and she was trampled on a safari.  He incorporated porcupine quills and a hoof mark on her face.  He spent so much time on the hoof prosthetic that he had little left to create the face.  He wasn’t happy with the makeup and the judges were less than impressed.  Ve thought it didn’t read from afar, and it was a missed opportunity.  The quills threw them off, and they felt she had no whimsy and didn’t look like a ghost.  He was in the bottom look.

Rob created a ghostly magician’s assistant by the name of Wendy Wand.  He made a brow prosthetic to mimic a 1920’s brow, and did all the paint in grayscale because she was captured from a black and white TV.  He had to modify the slightly big torso piece that looked like she was cut in half.  The judges loved the grayscale and thought it was successful for the challenge.  Although it was a beautiful, clean makeup, the judges thought he could have gone bigger.  He was in the top looks.

Yvonne had Jerry Rig, a guy who got too close to his drill.  She created a twisted face and a yellow skin tone that won over the judges.  With a hole drill bit stuck in his face, they felt she captured a moment and it gave a sense of movement.  Her makeup fit right into the world of Beetljuice and told a story of what happened.  She was in top looks.

Mel’s Sally Slopes died while skiing.  She decided to go big and create a lower twisted half, with a “front-butt” happening.  It took a lot of work and time away from the other details of the makeup, and the judges noticed.  They were disappointed with the paint and the lost time and effort on a prosthetic that was covered.  She was in the bottom looks.

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