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Face Off Season 10 Episode 8: Smoke and Mirrors

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Face Off Season 10 Episode 8 found the artists at the Lobo Castle where their models were dressed as beautiful, evil sorceresses.  The Spotlight Challenge this week was to create a monstrous look for each one, showing their true, evil nature.

Rob picked the Dragon Queen.  His sorceress lured girls to steal their youth.  He wanted to make a back piece as well as hands and sculpt a dragon-like face.  Mr. Westmore advised him to put more of a fantasy look in the old age makeup and flare out the dragon nostrils.  Rob thought the face was too masculine, and with some feedback from Anna, rounded out the jaw.  For the back piece, instead of dragon wings he exaggerated the spine.  With stock horns and an acrylic wash of paint, his Dragon Queen was pretty awesome.  The judges loved the colours, scaling and the blending of the human anatomy in the sculpt.  The details were just right, and he also had great forms in the makeup.  He was in top looks.

Walter got the Emerald Empress, which was not his first choice.  He struggled for a concept, and came up with emeralds growing out of the model’s face and body.  He was told to watch the accents on the cheeks as they could look like a porcupine.  He had a lot of detail work to do, and the emeralds took a long time to paint.  The judges liked the mouth details, but thought there were too many tones.  Melissa’s Wiccan of the Woods had elements of decay and snarled vines on her body.  She had to keep the wood knots in her sculpt painted properly or else Mr. Westmore warned they would look like brown boils.  She created vines from heated plastic tubing and even thought they didn’t stick at first, her makeup was decent, although I did think the eye holes were too obvious, and the judges thought the colour choices were too avant-garde.  Mel picked the Temptress of the Flame.  This sorceress worked with Satan to tempt people.  She would have ram horns accented with flames. Mel had to make sure the flames weren’t too cartoony, and Mr. Westmore told her to go more symbolic with them.  She used latex and coffee grounds to create charred skin, and the judges liked the beauty makeup.  They thought the flames weren’t quite right, but she, along with Walter and Melissa, was safe.

Robert picked the Sea Witch.  This character lured sailors to their death, and Robert wanted to sculpt her face mid transformation into a sea creature. He had to fix her nose to make it less perfect, and created a gelatin eel that was a little weird-looking, and, um, limp.  He also added some spiky quills to the brow.  The judges thought the character was a little kooky and needed more symmetry.  Neville didn’t like the fin on the side of her face, and Glenn liked the forms but thought they could have been realized differently.

Anna created a monstrous look for the Shadow Enchantress.  This character’s seductive but demonic nature would be represented with horns.  Anna had issues with time, so she did a fast face sculpt which she wasn’t happy with. She also had to patch some of her foam and ran out of time.  Unfortunately, you could see edges in the final makeup and I thought the paint job looked flat.  The judges didn’t like the proportions, teeth and the clichéd Maleficent look.  Neville thought the stalagmite forms on the head-piece were confusing, and Ve didn’t like that she covered the model’s ears.  Anna was in bottom looks.

Yvonne got the Corpse Conjurer who became a corpse when she conjured the dead.  She exaggerated the neck bone and was worried about keeping the anatomy realistic, which can always mess you up on this show.  She painted the character with an airbrush, and made sure to use a lot of highlight and shadow to make the colouring pop.  Her makeup was very cool.  I loved the cowl, and the judges thought it looked even better up close. The subtle sculpt and creepy paint got the judges attention, especially since the skull still retained some beauty.  She was in top looks for this beautiful, symmetrical makeup.

The winner was Rob once again as he accomplished a lot in very little time.  The person going home was Anna.  They felt a lot went wrong from the concept to the technical execution.  They were impressed with her talent and glad she made it on the show.  She left feeling inspired and ready to make her mark on the makeup world.

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