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Get Buried Alive in a New Virtual Reality Game

Taphobos – The combination of “taphos”, the Greek word for tomb and “phobos”, for fear.  What is taphobos?  Probably the most appealing unappealing-sounding game ever.  Taphobos is a gaming experience that buries you alive in a coffin.  Amazing.


Taphobos.com says that the game uses a real life coffin, an Oculus Rift, a PC and some microphones. One player gets in the coffin with the Rift on, together with a headset + microphone. The other player plays on a PC again with mic + headset, this player will play a first person game where they must work with the buried player to uncover where the coffin is and rescue the trapped player before their oxygen runs out.  This combination allows you to experience what it would be like if you where buried alive with just a phone call to the outside world.


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