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Get To Know Preacher Before the AMC Premiere

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Preacher Is Almost Here…

AMC is about to unleash some serious television on the world. May 22nd will arrive in no time and with it, AMC’s highly anticipated adaptation of Preacher.

By now most of you will have heard of Seth Rogen’s new adaptation of the cult favorite comic that is destined to wow the unconverted. For those who still have a little getting-to-know-you to do, here are some last minute resources for your procrastinating selves. Familiarize yourselves with Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy the Irish vampire because you’re about to invest a lot of viewing hours into this unholy trinity…

Get To Know The Cast @ SXSW (March 2016)

Watch The Trailers:

Trailer I:

Trailer II: 

Get An Official Sneak Peak:

Learn About The Source Material:

Preacher Poster

Preacher will air on AMC starting Sunday May 22nd at 10/9c.

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