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iceman funko pop

It’s official.  The long awaited Limited Edition Specialty Series Iceman Funko Pop! is coming to stores in June, 2017.  Dates have been tossed around over the past two months since the Pop was first sneaked but it took until today for Funko to officially tie it to June’s Specialty Series. We couldn’t be more excited about this Pop and we have a feeling it may become the grail of the already popular X-Men Funko Pop! line.  Are you excited for the Iceman Funko Pop!?  Let us know in the comments section below

iceman funko pop

What is a Specialty Series Funko Pop!? Here’s Funko’s explanation:

Every store deserves an amazing Funko exclusive! In an effort to recognize our most special accounts and loyal retailers, Funko is continuing our Specialty Series. Every month, we’ll be announcing two major exclusives – one Pop! Vinyl and one Dorbz – that can be acquired through the Specialty Series. Why is it so special? This is your chance to sell a Funko exclusive, available only to qualified retailers! Remember, these two fantastic pieces are exclusive to the Specialty Series. So pay a visit to your favorite specialty store or your local comic book shop and let them know to order the Specialty Series from Funko.
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