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Jessica Jones Season 2 Confirmed

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After a well-received first season for the Marvel/Netflix original Jessica Jones, rumours have circulated that season two could face a delay or be held up indefinitely. With several new Marvel projects on the horizon, (Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders) fans worried that a second season of Jessica Jones would take a backseat. Fortunately, the official Twitter account for Jessica Jones has put those fears to rest with the announcement that the second season of Jessica Jones may happen much sooner than anticipated!

The twitter account posted a telephone number for Ms. Jones office, Alias Investigations, scrawled onto a notepad (you can actually call and leave a message if you like) along with the question “how can I help?”.  Below the script, in a bold font, reads Jessica Jones. Season 2. Coming Soon”.

Season one of the cerebral series left viewers on a high note – Cerebral being the key word. Not only does the series get in your head but some critics have speculated that the characters may even be personifications of common psychiatric disorders. From post-traumatic stress disorder to obsessive compulsive disorder, an argument can be made that each character in the series represents a textbook mental illness. The first season of Jessica Jones is certainly a dark foray into the very meaning of the word depraved. So, while we patiently wait for the next sinister chapter of her story, here are a few final thoughts on the brilliant madness of season one.

*** WARNING: Season 1 spoilers below***

The Purple Man – David Tennant

david tennant as KillgraveTennant was absolutely terrifying as The Purple Man aka Zebediah Killgrave, with a horrifying departure from his happy-go-lucky role as Dr. Who. With the ability to control thoughts, Killgrave is one of the most fearsome villains Marvel has ever birthed. Season one focused on Killgrave, his obsession with Jessica Jones and her quest to end him for good. While the Netflix versions of Jessica and Killgrave share a horrible past (one demonstrated onscreen through flashbacks) the televised relationship barely scratches the surface. Some of the most heinous abuses Jessica suffered at Killgrave’s hands in the original story were omitted for the onscreen adaptation (hands that, by the way, are supposed to be purple – Tennant wears purple in every scene to pay homage to the villain’s comic book appearance). At the end of season one Killgrave appears to have been defeated but David Tennant has been interviewed since and said he would not be opposed to returning for a second season. Given how formidable a villain The Purple Man is/was, perhaps we will see him in the series again.

Luke Cage – Mike Colter

Jessica thought she was free of Killgrave when she “killed” him the first time – an event that occurred in the past, directly after the spellbound heroine murdered the innocent wife of Luke Cage. The guilt of this action compels her to visit Luke’s bar (and his bedroom). Killgrave understands that he can use Luke as a weapon against Jessica and as a result the strongman falls victim to Killgrave’s mind control. Some of the shows best scenes are when Cage and Jones share the screen so we can only hope that their paths will cross in the upcoming Luke Cage series.

Hellcat – Rachel Taylor

Season one hinted at a heroic future for Jessica’s best friend, Trish Walker. In the comics, Jessica is actually best friends with Carol Danvers (aka Ms Marvel) but because Marvel/Disney has other plans for her, Trish Walker has taken the role as Jessica’s BFF.  Walker (aka Patsy Walker) eventually becomes the heroine Hellcat in the comics so the self defense training that we watch in season one may serve as foreshadowing for the hero she is destined to become.

Jessica Jones – Krysten Ritter
krysten ritter as jessica jones

Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images

Just as David Tennant masterfully frightens as Killgrave, Ritter captivates as the tormented badass, Jessica Jones. Amidst the madness of season one lies a story unfinished with loose ends just waiting to be tied up in the second season. In the comics Jessica was known as the costumed superhero Jewel before she met Killgrave – a hero dressed in white and a contrast to her dark, boozy, post-Killgrave persona. Will season two explore Jewel and the story behind the acquisition of her super powers? Season one left us with many questions about Jessica Jones – let’s hope season two answers some of them!

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