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New Charmander Build-A-Bear

charmander stuffed toy

The Build-A-Bear Workshop continues to ride the Pokémon GO train as it adds fan-favorite, Charmander to its Pokemon product line.  The super cute plush toy joins Eevee and Pikachu as the third pocket monster plush and even has its own online exclusive version which comes with exclusive outfits and sounds.  It retails for $61 and can be found here.

Price includes:
  • Charmander
  • Charmander Sound
  • Great Ball Hoodie
  • Lucario Hoodie
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop exclusive Pokémon TCG card

If Eevee’s more your speed, check it out here. Or if  you’re a loyal Pikachu fan, he also has his own web exclusive.  You can find him and his Charizard onesie here.

charmander stuffed toy

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