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New Wonder Woman Image Features Themyscira Warriors

wonder woman warriors of Themyscira

The EW has released a new Wonder Woman image, showcasing the warriors of Themyscira.

The long awaited big screen debut of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman will take place during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but fans will be treated to an standalone origin story next summer.  Directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster), Wonder Woman will focus on the transformation of a young Princess Diana, played by Gal Gadot, into one of the greatest warriors of all time.

Joining Gadot next year are Connie Nielsen, who will be playing Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta (Gladiator), and Robin Wright and Lisa Loven Kongsli who will be playing the Diana’s two military aunts — General Antiope and Antiope’s lieutenant, Menalippe respectively. “She is the only child they raised together,” says Jenkins, who spoke with EW. “And their love for her manifests in a different way for each of them.”

wonder woman and warriors of Themyscira


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