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Power Rangers / Avengers Mash-up

Close up of black hammer and the Iron Ranger

Last week was a big one in the geek world.  Not only did Entertainment Weekly release the first shot of the new and improved Power Rangers, set to hit the screen in 2017 but Captain America: Civil War premiered to a collective “woot!” by fans around the world.  As a child of the 80’s and 90’s I love seeing the properties that I grew up with getting the royal big screen treatment and I love having a bit of fun with them.  Enter the Power Rangers / Avengers mash-up.

Introducing, the Power Avengers:

Power rangers combined with the avengers

From Left to Right: The Feral Ranger, Black Hammer, The Iron Ranger, Spider-Ranger and The Red, White and Blue Ranger.

Power Rangers and Power Avengers

Original Power Rangers Image Credit: Tim Palen/Lionsgate
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