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Question No. 6 Doctor Who Variant Covers

Congratulations to our friend Question No. 6, who’s art work will be featured as a variant edition of Titan Comics’ Doctor Who in Jan/Feb 2016!  Question No. 6 has previously worked on Doctor Who comics at a fan level, including a webcomic adaptation of AM Audio Media’s award winning Doctor Who Dark Journey audio drama.
Question’s story is inspiration for every artist out there. Last December she left her home in Japan to stay in London for 6 months to study English and art. While staying there her goal was to break in to the Doctor Who scene by meeting the publishers of Doctor Who comics and/or magazines. In March, 2016 Question attended London Super Comic-Con where Titan comics was holding a portfolio review session. She put all of her Doctor Who fan art in her portfolio and handed it to the editor. She told him how much she loved Doctor Who and how it was her dream to work for them. He was immediately impressed.
After corresponding with him for several months, Question No. 6 was offered the variant covers for early 2016!
Question is a friend to the site and we couldn’t be happier for her. This is just a first step in her fulfilling her dreams and we’re rooting for her every step of the way!  Make sure you grab her Question No. 6 variant covers in January and February of 2016. Congratulations Question No. 6!
Question No. 6 10th Doctor
Question No. 6 11th Doctor
Question No. 6 12th Doctor
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