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Saved by the Bell Funko Pops Revealed

zack morris funko pop

Saved by the Bell is a staple of any 80s/90s kid’s childhood and Funko is cashing in on the nostalgia.  Check out the new Saved by the Bell Funko Pops below, including Zack Morris (with his Zack Morris phone, of course), A.C. Slater, Samuel “Screech” Powers, Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano (We also developed the concept art for a JESSIE SPANO THEGEEKO EXCLUSIVE “I’M SO EXCITED” VARIANT FUNKO POP! Check it out here):

zack morris funko pop ac slater funko pop screech powers funko pop lisa turtle funko pop kelly kapowski funko pop jessie spano funko pop

Tell us who your favorite Saved by the Bell Funko Pop is below in the Comments section.

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