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Stephen Amell To Wear His Arrow Costume at Summerslam

On August 10, on Monday Night Raw, the constant jabbing of Arrow star Stephen Amell by WWE Superstar Stardust came to an end. That end? Stephen Amell’s fists all up in Stardust’s face. After being pushed by Stardust on the sidelines, Stephen Amell jumped into the ring to lay a pretty sweet smack down on the WWE wrestler before security broke things up. During a backstage interview following the fight, Triple H agreed to draw up the paper work that would allow Adrian Neville and himself to fight Wade Barrett and Stardust at Summerslam. Triple H finally agreed to unite the Green Arrow and the Red Arrow, which adds yet another epic bout to the ticket.

Since that night on RAW, Amell has been training and Stardust/Barrett have continued to talk smack. Fans have continued to wonder if Amell would show up in “civilian” clothes or don the Arrow costume from the CW series. In a recent Facebook video (not many people do social media better than Amell. Check out his page here.), it seems that the Arrow costume will in fact be worn. Here are a couple of screen shots of the video where Amell is getting ready for Summerslam:

stephen amell holding arrow chest piece

stephen amell holding arrow boots

We’d like to take a moment to give a shout out Stephen Amell, Danny Haas and Emily’s House, the first Pediatric Palliative Care Hospice here in Toronto. Together, Amell and Haas are raising money for Emily’s House by way of a shirt, specially designed for Sunday’s match. To snag your very own shirt please head over to represent.com/amellstardust and contribute to this amazing cause.  As of this morning, they’ve raised nearly $100,000!  Awesome job guys.

summerslam t-shirts


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