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The Addictive iOS Game Just Got More Addictive – Caveman Cliff

caveman cliff title screen

Do you want to be a caveman? Do you want to fight pterodactyls? Do you want to toss dino-might and summon whirlwinds? Do you want biceps as big as your head? Meet Cliff. Caveman Cliff.

It has been 12 months since the one-man mobile gaming company Shiny Talisman Inc. broke onto the scene with its first iOS mobile game release, Warp Looter. Ever since, fans have been waiting for what’s next. At Christmas Shiny Talisman released their sophomore title, entitled Caveman Cliff and after 3 months of gamers frantically trying to clear their cliffs (damn pterodactyls!) they’ve now released their first update. Caveman Cliff promises the same level of addictive fun as Warp Looter but with a cute-as-a-button Caveman, pterodactyls, whirlwinds and dino-might thrown into the mix. Updates include:

  • Dino-might on level 3 after one minute of play
  • Game Center achievements in addition to leader boards (get your friends hooked!)
  • Improved tutorial
  • Difficulty has been reduced on early levels
  • iPad UI has been greatly enhanced
  • Audio improvements, graphic improvements and a bunch of general improvements

Download it for FREE here.

Caveman Cliff title screen

caveman cliff on a cliff pushing boulders

Download Caveman Cliff for FREE here and follow @shinytalisman on Twitter.

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