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The Martian (Matt Damon) Trailer, Teaser and Cover Art

Matt Damon in a space suit as The Martian

Total Film Magazine has released some beautiful cover art for their next issue, featuring Matt Damon in The Martian.  The Martian is the highly anticipated film adaptation of Andy Weir’s bestselling (and originally self-published) novel of the same name.  The images are stunning and can be seen below, along with the Official Trailer, and the Ares 3: The Right Stuff teaser in which protagonist Mark Watney ponders the age old question: “Why can Aquaman communicate with whales?”

Martian-Cover Martian-Cover-Exclusive Martian-Cover-Normal



The Martian is the first published novel by American author Andy Weir. It was originally self-published in 2011 before Crown Publishing purchased the rights and re-released it in 2014. After an extreme dust storm forces a NASA crew to abandon their mission on Mars, astronaut Mark Watney is left stranded.  Presumed dead, Watney must use his skills as a botanist and a mechanical engineer to survive the harsh conditions.  When NASA discovers that Watney did in fact survive the storm, they begin to work on ways of rescuing him while withholding the fact that he is alive from his fellow crewmates.  TheGeeko will have a full review of the novel in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, order it from Amazon here.

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