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The Top 8 Must-Have Doctor Who Thingies

We’ve scoured ThinkGeek.com to bring you the best of the best Doctor Who awesomeness – our top 8 picks of must-have Doctor Who thingies.  For yourself or as a gift (or for yourself), these 8 items are sure to satisfy the most epic Doctor cravings. Allons-y!

1) River Song’s Notebook

Tardis JournalThis is the journal we’ve been dreaming of; this is the Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal.  So, what’s so “deluxe” about the Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal? First, it’s thick – 440 pages thick. And those pages aren’t just bleh – they’re textured and aged-looking. Next, the cover is embossed with a leather-look material, so these journals feel great. Plus, as an added bonus, there’s a hidden, secret message inside, waiting for you to decode. Ok, enough blabbing. We’re going to hug our copy of the Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal – we suggest you hug yours soon, too. You know, before they’re lost in time and all that.

Click here for more details.

 2) Tardis Blanket (ThinkGeek Exclusive)

Tardis-Blanket-SmallHow do we let the Doctor know we’re ready to be his next companion? We’re drinking out of our TARDIS mug, brewing tea in our TARDIS teapot, wearing our TARDIS t-shirt and TARDIS hat, and wrapped up in the TARDIS Throw. Surely the Doctor will notice that we are the most dedicated Whovians ever and come pick us up for some wild adventures, right? Right?  This soft throw blanket features your favorite time and space traveling vehicle and will be sure to keep you snuggly warm while you wait for the Doctor.

Click here for more details.

3) Tardis Mini (kinda) Fridge

Tardis-FridgeThe Large TARDIS Fridge really is big: it can hold up to 18 cans of soda.

It’s also one of those neato fridges that cools or heats its contents (depending on which temperature you need). And though the Large TARDIS Fridge be mighty, it’s still made to travel. It’s even got a handle on top for grabbing if the Doctor tells you to run! Whether it’s cold jelly babies or warm fish fingers and custard (or the reverse), the Large TARDIS Fridge is ready for all your food and temperature storage needs.

Click here for more details.

Also, if something a bit smaller is your more your speed, try thisone.

4) Tardis Slippers

Tardis-SlippersThese Doctor Who slippers may not be “bigger” on the inside, but they are comfortable — perfect for those days when you’re marathoning classic episodes and daydreaming about your own trips through all of time and space.

Keep your feet warm and protected and your head in the stars with these very special TARDISes: that’s Time And Relative Dimensions in Shoes, of course. Please note that the listed sizes are all the same style. Sponge clean only.

Click here for more details.

5) Diecast Master’s Pocket Watch

Tardis-Pocket-WatchSince you’re all human and not Gallifreyan, this watch won’t be much use to you for the whole memory/biology storage business. It’s just a very spiffy recreation of the watch that The Master was stored in when he was living life as Professor Yana.

Open it up and press the button for an out of this world nightlight feature. Just promise us you won’t decimate the world’s population… no matter how cool the word “decimate” is.

Disclaimer – this is only for the most die-hard Whovian.

Click here for more details.

6) Tardis Watch

Doctor-Who-WatchThis watch is for all the stylish Time Lords and will fit in no matter where when you travel.  The square face features the text from the TARDIS door:


Sporting a smart TARDIS-blue, faux-leather strap, we can’t help but love it in all its wibbly-wobbly-TIMEY-wimey goodness.

Dimensions: 1 5/8″ (watch face), strap is 9.5″ long.

Click here for more details and lots more watches.

7) Tardis Safe

Tardis-SafeWe don’t exactly have a real TARDIS or a real sonic screwdriver yet — at least we have the TV remote one! — but we do have these magical devices known as smartphones. They do all sorts of fun things like tell us how to get places, read our text messages out loud, entertain us, edumacate our geeklings, and now, open safes.

The TARDIS Smart Safe works with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, set your secret combination, and you’re ready to store your valuables in the TARDIS, just like The Doctor himself. To unlock your TARDIS, slide your smartphone into the slot up top until it activates the pressure switch inside. Launch the app and enter your secret code. The light will blink, the TARDIS will make materializing sounds, and the door will pop open. Enter the wrong code and access will be denied.

Click here for more details.

8) Good ol’ T-Shirts

ThinkGeek has an amazing selection of Doctor Who T-Shirts, including an awesome Weeping Angel Exclusive.  Check out the image gallery (the cartoony one is the exclusive).

Click here to check them, and more out.

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