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TheGeeko’s Hottest Men, Women and Monsters


Science fiction, fantasy, horror – these beloved genres experience fandom of the geekiest order and have blessed us with some of the sexiest small screen characters in the history of television. As the “total package” these characters are attractive, smart, and often (but not always) make us laugh. Good team or bad team – sometimes with a little quirk or two (and maybe a dash of a dark past) – a general “je ne sais quoi” factor has us undeniably hooked on these hotties. In no particular order, our rundown of the sexiest men, women and monsters from some of our favourite geeky TV shows:

The Vampires

Eric Northman and Sookie StackhouseTelevision is no stranger to a great vampire – making it too hard to select just one. True Blood’s Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman is clearly one of the hottest television vampires. While Sookie Stackhouse may have had a steamy relationship with Bill Compton, her relationship with Eric the Viking gained a lot of heat during the series. Similarly, Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Angel was the first vamp to win the slayer’s heart but it wasn’t until she connected with Spike that things really seemed to get hot on the show. Fans still debate whether they preferred Buffy with Angel or with Spike.
Runners-up: Jessica Hamby (True Blood), Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries) and Darla (Buffy).

The Hunters

Buffy and SpikeBuffy Summers is hands down television’s hottest hunter. Buffy was smart, kicked-ass in fight scenes and possessed a charming witty sarcasm – and she knew how to dress to amplify her hotness.
Runners-up: Sam and Dean Winchester, Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural) and Faith (Buffy).

The Heroes

Oliver and FelicityAs far as sexy heroes go – Arrow’s Oliver Queen epitomizes the “total package” – a mysterious billionaire with a deadly accurate shot and an uber hot body, Queen is undoubtedly one of the sexiest heroes on television today.
Runners-up:  Felicity Smoak (Arrow), Peggy Carter (Agent Carter), Matt Murdock (Daredevil).

The Doctors and Companions

10th Doctor and RoseDavid Tennant – the tenth doctor – with his signature Chuck Taylor’s and his “allons-y” philosophy, he is 100% the hottest regeneration Doctor Who has ever seen. Rose Tyler parted ways with the TARDIS while travelling with the tenth doctor and, with her devilish smile and thrill-seeking spirit – she is a fitting choice for the hottest companion to date.
Runners-up: Matt Smith (the eleventh doctor) and Christopher Eccleston (the ninth doctor). Clara Oswald, Martha Jones and Amy Pond.

The Troubled

Woman in BedIn Haven we did not meet Mara until season 4 – but as the mischievous and secretive version of Audrey Parker – she was definitely the hottest and had no qualms about living out our fantasies of a Duke/Audrey hookup.
Runners-up: Duke Crocker and Nathan Wuornos.

The Warriors

John SnowJon Snow – Game of Thrones’ bastard son of Eddard Stark who took the black and travelled to the wall – only to fall in love with a Wildling girl and break his oath. Everyone loves Jon Snow – no spoilers here – but for those who are up to date – don’t worry, things look promising!
Runner ups: Khal Drogo and Tyrion Lannister.

The Zombies

liv from izombiePoor Liv – went to a party, woke up a zombie – but she’s still cute! iZombie’s premise is simple – Liv eats brains to survive and retain some semblance of humanity – the brains cause her to act a little funny and take on characteristics of the deceased (including a little promiscuity on occasion). We were so excited when she found a super sexy undead boyfriend – things definitely started heating up for the undead hottie.
Runners-up: Blaine and Lowell.

The Queens

queen danerysThe Mother of Dragons, Danerys Stormborn Targaryan – with her fiery personality, barely-there attire, and command of legions – Danerys is the reigning Queen of fierce hotness when it comes to the Game of Thrones.
Runners-up: Marjorie Tyrell and Cersei Lannister.

The Space Travellers

seven of nineWhen it comes to space travel, cyborg hottie Seven of Nine (ST: Voyager) takes the top spot – we will never forget her steely blue eyes, perfect body and matter of fact demeanor – incredibly sexy in comparison to all other space travelers on TV.
Runners-up: Captain Jean Luc Picard (STNG), Kaylee Frye and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly).

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