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TR-8R’s Identity Revealed

tr-8r holding baton

StarWars.com has revealed the identity of the baton-wielding First Order Stormtrooper that has taken the internet by storm.  Dubbed TR-8R (Get it? Traitor!) by meme makers around the world, we introduce you to FN-2199, aka “Nines”:


Nines was introduced to the world in a book entitled Before the Awakening, which was released on the same day that the movie premiered.  The book, written by Greg Rucka, tells the story of the First Order squad that both Finn and Nines trained and served on. It was pretty clear in the film that these two had a history and that this wasn’t just some random Trooper and now we have a bit more insight into what that history looked like. The novel also ties in a few easter eggs from the first scene of the film and the soldier that dies in Finn’s arms. If you’d like to pick up Before the Awakening, click here.

tr-8r and finn

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